April 2019

Added an old article I wrote over 10 years ago that I feel is becoming especially relevant - Penumbral Polarity

August 2018

Fixed a few links and noticed my hit counter has stopped working so tried to fix that. It has zeroed as a result! Bah Humbug!

Nov 2013

Added two new articles co-written with Dr Stuart Whomsley in the 'My Articles' section

Feb 2013

Added an article I wrote a while back about the Golden Dawn and it's possible influences on the Wica. it can be found in the My Articles section

July 2011

- Added a link to a colour video featuring Gerald Gardner on his page.

April 2011

- Added links to a new videeo on You Tube featuring Alex Sanders and Doreen Valiente.

Dec 2010

- Added links to a Spanish version of this website - www.thewica.co.nr

-Changed the Search Engine as the old one no longer seemed to be working.

Nov 2010

- Added a link to a 1964 online interview with Sybil Leek here

- Added a link to a short video featuring Eleanor Bone here.

April 2010

- Added a link to a video on YouTube that features Gerald Gardner here

Feb 2010

- Added some articles by Gardner that were published in Folklore Magazine in the late 1930's / early 1940s here

January 2010

- Added some links to more information about Cecil Williamson on the 'Other 1950's Witches' page. (Thanks to Lynne)

June 2009

- Added a link to an online book / PhD Dissertation by Neville Drury about Rosaleen Norton's contribution to the Western Esoteric Tradition here

April 2009

- Added a link to a you-tube video about Boscastle Witchcraft Museum from the 1960s in the Cecil Williamson section of the Others Witches page.

- Added a link to a clip from 'Legend Of The Witches' in the Elders section under Alex Sanders.

March 2009

- Added a clip of a young Patricia Crowther singing 'Lord of The Dance' here

February 2009

- Added an article about the use of the words 'Wica' and 'Wicca' throughout the history of modern Witchcraft.

November 2008

- Added a link with a bit more information about 'Anton Miles' on the 'Other 1950's Witches' page.

October 2008

- Added a link to a radio interview  with Raymond Buckland to the USA  page.

September 2008

- Added an article about the Isle Of Man, to the Scottish Wica section

August 2008

- Added a link to a NEW French version of this website. Many thanks to Tof!

- Added a link to the video 'The Occult Experience'  which features Alex Sanders, to the Elders page.

- Added a new magazine article about Alex Sanders by 'Men Only'

July 2008

- Added a new entry page with a link to the Portuguese version of the website - BIG thanks to  Joćo Pais.

- Added short section about Barbara Vickers to the Elders page including an article by Philip Heselton.

- Added a link to a You Tube Video from 1964 of an interview with Rosaleen Norton.

- Made some changes to the Gerald Gardner page and included more information on the collection that was once housed in Gardner's

Museum of Magic and Witchcraft.

- Added some links to information that can be found on the French Website http://lawica.free.fr/

May 2008

- Added a link to some more of my articles about Ritual Magic and the Golden Dawn.

- Added a link to some Cecil Williamson videos on You-Tube on the 'Other 1950's Witches' page.

- Added a section about Charles Pace on the 'Other 1950/60s Witches' page.

- Added another article by Doreen Valiente that appeared in Psychic News in 1962 here

- Added a small section about Ruth Wynn Owen on the  'Other 1950/60s Witches' page.

- Added links to some You Tube videos relating to Alex Sanders.


January 2008

 - Added image of the Witches Mill as it currently looks to the Gerald Gardner page.

- Added link to Morgan Davies article about Monique Wilson and Gardner's estate on the Scottish Wica page


December 2007 - Added more to  'Other 1950's Witches'

 - Added an article entitled 'Scots Witches Still Casting Spells' to the Gerald Gardner page

- Added a 1963 article by Rev. Stephan A. Hoeller called 'Occultism Through the Eyes of Religion' to the Gerald Gardner page

- Added a link to a You tube video of an interview with Raymond Buckland here.


November 2007

 - Many areas updated with new articles and information