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This is a website about the people behind the resurgence of interest in modern day Witchcraft. Gerald Gardner (left), who is often considered to be the Father of Modern Day Witchcraft, would refer to its early members as being of 'The Wica' - hence the name of this site.


Here you can find brief bio's, old documents, newspaper clippings, photos, pictures and  the odd mp3 which all help to fill in the pieces of the historical jigsaw of what is probably the only religion that Britain has given to the world - Witchcraft!




  • In 'Gardnerian' Witchcraft you will find links to information which can tell you a bit more about this branch of modern day Witchcraft.


    What is Gardnerian Witchcraft and how is it different to other forms of Witchcraft?

    Why I think the spelling 'Wica' is preferable to 'Wicca'.

    Read a newspaper article featuring Margaret Murray, folklorist and influential friend of Gardner's.

    Find some information about Charles Cardell who published Gardner's 'Book of Shadows' in 1964.

    Download copies of the Witchcraft Research Association's 1964 'Pentagram' magazine which was probably the first Witchcraft magazine in the world.

    Information on initiatory lineages including my attempt to create an early 'Gardnerian' family tree.

  • In Gerald Gardner you will find information and articles about this 'Father of modern-day Witchcraft' and an image of his final resting place in Tunis. There is also information about Gardner's Museum of Magic and Witchcraft and links to pictures of items that were part of its collection.


    Read several newspaper articles from the 1950s & 60s, about Gardner and The Wica.

    Download some books, including Gardner's seminal work Witchcraft Today and Margaret Murray's The Witch Cult in Western Europe.

    View some of the items that were once in Gardner's Museum collection.

  • In Charles Clark you will learn about this Craft Elder who organised and led the early Scottish Wica.


    Read an article I wrote about this Craft Elder.

    Listen to audio MP3's of Charles talking about his experiences with the Wica.

    Look at Images of Charles' working tools, many of which he received from Gardner.

    Read a transcript of a letter Doreen Valiente sent to Charles when the Wica were trying to pull together in the face of Cardell's hostilities, in 1964.


  • In The Scottish Wica you can find information about the Crafts early members in Scotland.


    Find out more about the two most well-known Scottish members - Monique and Campbell Wilson.

    Discover what happened to the contents of the Isle of Man Witchcraft Museum which Monique inherited from Gardner.

  • In The Wica and the USA you will find some information about the Crafts export to the USA, where it proved to be a key influence in the resurgence of interest in modern Witchcraft.


    Read a 1960s American article about the Craft's arrival in the U.S.A.

    Find out about Raymond Buckland who was pivotal in this process.

  • In Gardnerian History you will find links to further information and resources about the history of the Wica. First, be sure to check out all of this website as it contains lots of historical documents and information.

  • In Other 1950s Witches you will find some information about some other Witches from the 1950s and early 60s.

Charles Cardell

Mary Cardell

Ray Howard

Cecil Williamson

Robert Cochrane

Sybil Leek

Rosaleen Norton

Anton Miles

Charles Pace

Ruth Wynn Owen

  • I have written some articles on Craft history which have been published in various places. You can find them, and a little bit more about me in My Articles.

  • In the informal Picture Gallery you will find some pictures of an entity that decided to visit me one day as well as some old newspaper comic strips featuring Witches.

  • In Manifestations you will find some poetry, pictures and other bits and pieces of artistically channelled material that are great to reflect upon.

  • In Links you will find links to other websites about Witchcraft and Magic.


Gardner outside the Isle of Man Museum of Magic and Witchcraft


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